Easy Solutions for Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Problems

Jeep Wrangler has three rooftops you can choose from: a Fully retractable soft top, a Freedom hard top with fully removable roof panels & Sky one-touch power roof. Among the 3, the sky one-touch power roof has better quality than the others.

But it could face different problems over time, such as squeaking, the rooftop getting stuck in the middle, and leaking.

You can quickly solve this problem by cleaning the back window bolts, pressing a few buttons, and using sealants consecutively.

Below we have written the Easy Solutions for Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Problems in detail.

Easy Solutions for Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Problems

As mentioned earlier, the jeep wrangler sky one touch is a formidable option to get as a rooftop for your Jeep.

But everything has its pros and cons. Below we’ll learn about the issues you may face with the jeep wrangler sky one touch and how to solve them.

1. Sky One Touch Squeaking

The squeaking issue is the most familiar one with any jeep wrangler sky one-touch rooftops. Frequently you will hear unexpected squeaking from the jeep’s back, and the sound will feel like a scratchy sound you may have heard before in other places.

It can be compared to styrofoam’s sound when rubbed against one another. If you check the back window and see how the plastic is close to your Jeep’s subwoofer, there should be a detectable sound source.


The solution for the squeaking originating from the back window is as follows:

  1. Check the plastic clip on both sides of the Jeep window. You need to remove the window and open the bolts as well.
  2. After opening the bolts, you must clean the white powder inside the bolt hole.
  3. It would be best if you thoroughly cleaned the white power from the holes. Thorough cleaning will help the squeaking sound to subside better.
  4. Using grease to lubricate the hole can also give you a better result.
  5. Apply the grease on a tiny blue-colored detent ball. After that, push the button and pause for 10 minutes.
  6. Re-assemble everything back to its place.
  7. Finally, check and see if there is still a squeaking sound from the back of your jeep wrangler sky one touch.

Following these steps should remove the problem of squeaking from your jeep wrangler.

2. Rooftop Getting Stuck in the Middle

It is possible to witness the sky one touch rooftop getting stuck in the middle when opening or closing. They will only partially close by themselves. You will also notice an error on the screen saying there is an obstacle.

When you press the rooftop opening or closing button, it will require you to hold the switch rather than press it. Recalibrating will usually solve this issue.


The steps to follow for recalibrating the sky one-touch rooftop are as follows:

  1. In the beginning, you need to close the rooftop by pushing the home button. This will cause the rooftop to move forward. After that, push the back button to take the rooftop to the rear position. You will see the rooftop taking more time than usual to close or open.
  2. You will again have to bring the rooftop to its home position by pushing the button for 10 seconds.
  3. After you are done with the whole button pushing, check the rooftop. Figure out if the obstacle error is still on the screen. Also, check if the rooftop is opening and closing as it did formerly.

If the issues remain, taking your jeep wrangler sky one touch to the Dealer is the best option.

3. Leaking

Jeep wranglers, as off-road cars, tend to get rooftop leak issues, which can cause electrical shortages, molding, odor, etc.

To see if you have leaking issues, look for broken or loose seals of rubber near your roof, windshields, doors, and windows.


The steps to follow when your sky one-touch rooftop has leaks are as follows:

  1. The first step is to scrub off all types of garbage and dirt you witness obstructing the sealings of windshields, windows, doors, and roofs. If you do not clear all the junk clearly, it will rewind the jeep’s rooftop.
  2. Secondly, using sealants or replacing the old ones. If your jeep wrangler is old, you will notice the decay. You can use seal kits to cover those decays. Using vinyl adhesive sealant is the best option for your jeep wrangler.
  3. Silicone spray on your jeep’s exterior will increase its service for longer.

I think following these steps should help you solve the leaking problem.

Taking it to the Dealer

When all your efforts fail, the best and last resort would be to take your wrangler sky one touch to the Dealer. If your jeep has been bought recently, you obviously have a service policy and a warranty.

Take the documents to check the terms and conditions. Try to find out if you can get a fix for your sky one-touch problem. This is the easy fix for your sky one touch’s roof getting stuck in the middle, squeaking sound, or even the roof leaking problem.

Whenever you try to solve this, you will get better service than trying to do it yourself. It would be best if you kept in the loop to maintain your car because off-road vehicles get easily spoiled.


Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you.

Can Sky One Touch Go Through Car Wash?

If you check the manual for your vehicle, it should ask you to avoid running fabric tops through automatic car cleanings, as this will prevent soap buildup in your jeep. As a result, it could easily get scratched.

How Fast Can You Drive With Sky One Touch Rooftop Being Open?

It is a ubiquitous question. After all, you will want to feel the wind while driving with the rooftop open. The answer is up to 60 MPH, which is the optimal speed at which you can safely drive your jeep wrangler sky one-touch vehicle.

Does Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Require A Lot to Maintain?

Another critical question for the longevity of your vehicle is the maintenance of your jeep wrangler sky one-touch.

Well, off-road cars require maintenance if used regularly. The yearly cost of maintaining your jeep is around 600-700$, which is not much comparatively. So, you can rest assured about the maintenance of your jeep wrangler.


And finally, we are done with the Jeep Wrangler Sky One Touch Problems. 

From the leaking Sky One-touch rooftop and squeaking sound to the rooftop getting stuck in the middle, we have discussed all and figured out a solution that you could do on your own.

The easy solution is to take the car to your dealer if you have the necessary documents for the jeep and warranty.

That way, you will not require any labor yourself. Instead, the dealer might even do a better job of fixing your Jeep. But if you want to work on it yourself, you know what to do.

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