Replacing Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb In 5 Steps

You need the rear turn blinker if you regularly ride the Jeep Wrangler on roads with many turns. The signals help to alert the drivers behind you that you are making a turn. Not having a properly working rear blinker can break this communication on the road.

This is why you must know how to replace the jeep wrangler rear turn signal bulb. You can safely keep riding your vehicle by learning how to replace faulty ones.

Below you will learn how to change the faulty rear blinker bulbs effortlessly. Also, you will know how to find the faulty burnt-out rear blinkers you will have to replace.

The Reason Why You Should Replace The Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Blinker Bulb

The Jeep Wrangler rear turn Blinker is essential for letting the drivers behind you know you will make a turn. It ensures your safety whenever you are making a turn.

Also, whenever the vehicle gets tested for roadworthiness, that’s an aspect focused on. Making turns in busy streets will be unsafe without the rear turn blinker bulb.

Diagnosing Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Blinker Bulb

To keep track of the condition of the Jeep Wrangler rear turn blinker, you will have to check up on the bulbs regularly.

You will need to learn about how to check burnt-out bulbs. Even though we always hurry from A to B, we must remember to do a security check.

Thus, you should check both the headlights and turn signal blinkers regularly. Let’s learn the steps to check the rear turn blinker bulb.

  1. After you stop the Jeep Wrangler completely, start it again. Now turn the right and left rear turn blinker every other second without exiting the Jeep to see if they are working correctly.
  2. Alternatively, turn on the rear turn lights on the left and right before exiting the vehicle. Pay attention to hear if the turn signals are making sounds.
  3. Every vehicle has a distinct audio warning letting the owner know about the burnt-out rear turn blinkers. Notice if the “click” noise of the signals is shorter.
  4. This indicates that the Jeep Wrangler rear turn blinker bulb requires replacement.
  5. Then you can check which one needs the replacement by getting out of the vehicle and looking for the faulty one.

Try these steps to diagnose the Jeep Wrangler rear turn blinker bulbs.

5 Steps to Replace Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Signal Bulb

Now that you know the steps to check faulty rear turn blinker bulbs, you will go to the next step. You will learn to replace the rear turn blinker bulbs on the Jeep Wrangler. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Firstly, you will need to take the overlay or any plastic cover from above the light bulb assembly. Only then will you be able to access the assembly.

Step 2: Take a screwdriver and open the assembly. Now, from the burnt-out signal, take out the faulty rear indicator you discovered in the previous section of the article.

Step 3: Turn the indicator left to take out the indicator. Now replace the old rear turn blinker with the new one. Be careful not to use a different turn signal blinkers model bulb.

Step 4: For the orange cover, choose transparent bulbs or orange bulbs for clear covers.

Step 5: After finishing the replacement, check whether the new bulbs are working correctly.

Cost Of Replacing Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn Blinker Bulb

The Jeep Wrangler Rear Turn blinker Bulb replacement cost is low. Usually, it can cost around $10-$30. But if your Jeep has special bulbs or uses high-end bulbs, the price will increase accordingly.

Also, remember that the more you use your rear-turn blinker light bulbs, the faster they will go out.


Here are a few of the frequently found queries among other Jeep Wrangler owners answered here.

Are The Turn Signal & Tail Light similar bulbs?

In the newer models of Jeep Wranglers, you may notice one light bulb inside every tail light. Also, inside the bulbs are two filaments. One filament is for the brake light, and the other is for the turn signal.

If the vehicle is stopped at some point and the turn signal is on, the turn signal stays on while the other one blinks.

Why Do The Turn Signals Blink Fast?

The Jeep Wrangler turn signal blinks faster because it is worn out. At that point, they start altering the circuit’s resistance and send varied currents within the blockers. Check all signal lights to ensure this is the problem and see if other lights are out.

What Is The Longevity of A Turn Signal Light Bulb?

Usually, Jeep Wrangler turn signal blinkers can last nearly 4,000 hours. If you use the turn signals more, they will expire quickly, and with time you will have to replace them anyway. So use them properly when it is necessary to use them.


You are armed with the knowledge required to determine the faulty rear blinker, and you also know how to replace the jeep wrangler rear turn signal bulb.

As mentioned previously in the article, you should do regular checkups of your vehicle and replace the faulty one as fast as you find them.

Rear blinkers are essential for safe driving on busy night roads. When you have operational rear blinker bulbs, you are safe with your family and the other drivers on the road. Keep enjoying the Jeep Wrangler with proper rear and headlights.

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