Jeep JK Shift Knob Replacement Cost

Jeep Wrangler JK comes with the feature of both automatic and manual shifting. Due to its enormous use, it may get damaged too quickly, which we need to repair or replace.

So, what is the Jeep JK Shift Knob Replacement Cost you think? Depending on its brand, material, and used conditions, this cost may vary between $15 to $250. However, if you replace it yourself, you can avoid the additional labor cost of $100 to $150.

This article is all about knob shifter replacement. We will enlighten you about the reasons and costs for replacing the knob shifter. You will also know the process and precautions of replacement if you read till the end. Thus, keep reading!

Jeep JK Shift Knob Replacement Cost

When you are thinking of replacing the knob shifter of your vehicle, you have to consider a few things. Its quality, durability, material, type of attachment, and cost.

Generally, the pricing of the knob shifter depends on other factors. Depending on those factors, the price of a new shift knob will vary from $50 to $250.

Sometimes, you will find unbranded shift knobs for $15 to $80. But we will not recommend you buy such an unbranded one as it may need frequent replacement or repair.

This way, the total cost of unbranded knob shifters within a particular period will be greater than the branded ones. Thus, it is wise to buy a branded shift knob with a high initial price than paying for the huge repair costs.

Here are a few prices of shift knobs for Jeep JK:

NameYear Model of Jeep WranglerTransmission TypePrice
DV8 Offroad Billet A/T Shift Knob Assembly2007-2010Automatic$50
DV8 Offroad D-JP-181101-BL Billet Pistol Grip Shift Knob2011-2018Automatic$59.99
Rugged Ridge  Shift Knob Billet Aluminium2007-2010Manual$44.99
Mopar 82211622 Logo T-Handle Shift Knob2008-2018Automatic$170.99
RealWheels RW2235J 4wd Gear Shift Knob in Billet Aluminum2007-2012Automatic$105
Chrome Shifter Knob MOPAR2007-2018Manual$59.99

You can replace the shift knob yourself or with professional help paying an extra amount of almost $100 to $150. But you can easily save this labor cost if you learn how to change it yourself.

Is It Worth Buying Pre-Owned/Used Knob Shifters?

You can buy pre-owned or used branded knob shifters for $40 to $100. But this will not also come in great use as it might already be damaged. Besides, you have to be careful about the shifting or delivery price.

It might be less to more according to your location. That’s why it’s always better to buy a knob shifter for your vehicle from any local Marketplace. Sometimes, you can think of a universal shift knob that you can fit with any year model of your jeep wrangler.

In this case, you will need an additional shifter adapter to fit it on your vehicle. This will cost you extra money. Hence, buying a well-fit shift knob for your car model will be better than the universal one.

Reasons For Jeep Jk Shift Knob Replacement

In the replacement process of the shift knob, when and why you should do this is the main confusion. If you are unsure when you should look for a new shift knob and why, you may face critical issues.

Here are several reasons for replacing the jeep jk shift knob:

1.  Faulty Shift Knob

If the shift knob becomes damaged and worn out, it may disturb the regular transmission performance.

2. Lousy Shifting

Sometimes, when it gets stuck, it may cause difficulty in shifting. Rough shifting and failure of shifting may cause unexpected accidents.

3. Loose Knob Shifter

In a few cases, due to a long period of use, the shift knob could become loose. This may cause trouble while shifting the car in different gears.

4. Inappropriate Fitting

If you find that the newly bought knob shifter isn’t fitting perfectly on your vehicle, you must have to change it as soon as possible. An inappropriate shift knob may create disturbance in the gear shifting mechanism.

Thus, when you find any damaged, worn, loose, or jammed signs, you better fix those issues. But if the knob is damaged to the point that it’s impossible to repair, you should buy a new one.

On the other hand, if you could repair the damaged shift knob, we will not suggest you replace it with a new one. However, if you have already repaired it so many times and its condition is too bad, you better replace it with a new one.

That is because it won’t be able to provide a proper gear-changing effect. Moreover, you may need to repair the knob shifter again soon. This will cost you more money than replacing the knob.

How To Replace Jeep Jk Shift Knob?

You can replace the knob shifter both yourself or with the help of a mechanic. However, the replacement process of the shift knob is relatively easy if you follow some steps.

In this procedure, you will need tools like a wrench and screwdriver. Mainly, you need to remove the old one first to install a new one. The steps that you need to follow while replacing the shift knob are

Step 1: Removing The Damaged Shift Knob

Inspect the shift knob carefully. Because before removing the old shift knob, you need to know how the shifter and the knob connect. That is because they can be combined in two systems, either by threadings or with the help of a screw.

  1. If you find that the knob is connected to the shifter’s inside threading, you just have to rotate the knob. In most cases, if you keep rotating it counterclockwise, it will come off free from the shifter.
  2. On the other hand, sometimes, you may not find any threading. In this case, look for a screw. Mainly the knob attached to the shifter via a screw. Now, you can use a wrench to pull out those screws from the shifter and knob to disconnect them.

Step 2: Installing A New Shift Knob

If you can remove the old shift knob properly, you will also be able to install the new one because the process is the same as the detachment process. Just in an inverse sequence.

If it has a threading system for connection, you need to rotate the knob in the clockwise direction to attach it to the shifter.

But make sure that you are aligning the knob and shifter properly. Otherwise, you may face difficulty in fitting them both.

Also, you will fail to tighten the connection between them, which may cause further issues.

However, if it has a screw system, you can attach them both by installing the screw between them with a screwdriver. Tight the screw properly so the knob doesn’t come off from the shifter.

Cautions While Removing Jeep JK Shift Knob

Although the replacement of the shift knob process is straightforward, you need to follow some caution. Such as

●    Activate The Emergency Brake

The first and foremost thing before starting the replacement process will be applying an emergency brake.

Because while figuring out or fixing the process, you may shift the gear, and the car may move forward. This may cause severe accidents, which is not acceptable.

●    Place The Gear In a Neutral Position

You may encounter trouble while removing and reinstalling the shift gear due to poor access. In this case, you may shift the gear to neutral.  As a result, they can access more than ever before.

●    Choose An Appropriate Shift Knob

While buying the new shift knob, try to buy one which will fit your Jeep JK. If the size doesn’t match, you will face difficulty installing the New one.

●    Place The Screws Carefully

When you are removing the screw, make sure you are keeping them somewhere safe. Otherwise, you may not find them while replacing them.

●    Tighten The Screws

Make the screw tight during the installation process. Otherwise, it may come loose while driving and cause unpredictable incidents and accidents.

●    Don’t Experiment Without an Adequate Idea

If you don’t have a clear idea about how to remove and install the knob shifter, you better call for professional help. Because you may get hurt or damage your vehicle if you use the equipment and tools improperly.


In this section, we will answer a few mostly asked questions about the Jeep JkK shift knob replacement.

Is Buying A New Shift Knob Of Jeep JK Cost-effective?

High-end branded knob shifter provides excellent service, which is cost-efficient. However, a shift knob of an unknown brand or used one might be cost-efficient, but you may have to replace that too often.

Is Jeep JK Shift Knob Replaceable?

Yes. Like other jeep models, the shift knob of the Jeep JK is also replaceable. For this, you need to have several primary prior knowledge tools and the position of screws.


While driving, we use the shift knob for an enormous amount of time. Hence, it’s pretty usual to get worn, cracked and malfunctioned.

So, whenever you notice any malfunction or damage on your knob shifter, you should fix or replace it as soon as possible.

If you have already read this article, you know the JK Shift Knob Replacement Cost. 

You also see why the variation between prices occurs. Now, you can consider your preferences and budget for picking the best-fit shift knob for your better convenience.

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