Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement Cost

The windshield protects drivers and vehicles. It saves you from road hazards, rain, snow, harmful UV rays, and accidents and, most importantly, holds the vehicle’s structure.

So how much does the Jeep Cherokee windshield replacement cost? The replacement cost varies for different models. It is mostly high because of its size, curvature, semantic tint, auto-dimming on the mirror, etc. So your total cost may range from $250 to $1500, including service charges.

Jeep Cherokee windshields are prone to cracking and chipping because of their susceptible windshield orientation.

This damage extended fast due to abrupt temperature or pressure changes. Hence, this article will show the variation in windshield replacement cost, the reason, and the importance of replacing windshields.

Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement Cost

Jeep Cherokee windshield replacement is costly and varies with model and location. See the chart below to have an idea about the cost range.

Parameter no.Jeep Model nameEstimated cost
1.2021 jeep Cherokee$546.17 – $866.59
2.2020 jeep Cherokee$341.58 – $765.96
3.2019 jeep Cherokee$348 – $765.96
4.2018 jeep Cherokee$236– $1174
5.2017 jeep Cherokee$350 – $886
6.2016 jeep Cherokee$250– $1194
7.2015 jeep Cherokee$250–$1174
8.2014 jeep Cherokee$295 –$542

The main price range varies from $385 to $1000 with labor costs, but additional fixing and the finest material will cost you around $1500.

This estimation will differ with the brand, model, depth of damage, damage location, types of glass, location, and service center. Check your Jeep insurance; it may cover your windshield cost. For example,

  • Drivers from Florida can receive free windshield repair according to the new law. The no-fault insurance system insists the registered vehicle owner purchase PIP and PDL.
  • Under PIP, no matter what, insurers pay for the injury, and PDL covers faulty drivers insurer pay for the injury. Windshield repairs cannot be subject to deductibles under Florida law.

However, insurance companies cover your windshield repair depending on two factors.

  1. They will pay for windshield damage caused by natural disasters
  2. and criminal acts

But they will not pay for windshield damage by collision.

Jeep Windshield Cracks And Chips Reason

Jeep windshield is subject to cracks and chips due to instability. Some owners replace it a few times a year. Let’s see some familiar causes of cracks and chips.

●    Defects during manufacturing or installation

A crack is obvious if the windshield has manufacturing defects that make it sensitive to damage. Windshield installation should be perfect; otherwise, the frame will not be able to hold it and will result crack easily.

●    Temperature variation

Windshield material contains plastic, so sudden heat or cold lead it in expanding or contracting that it cant withstand.

Temperature stress leads the windshield to crack. Situations like extreme heat outside and your turning on the defroster may cause such temperature stress.

●    Pressure difference

Air pressure differences disturb the windshield’s balance, and you may find a crack. For example, if you are driving down a certain air creates pressure on the windshield.

Similarly, natural storms, driving at high speed, and physical pressure on the windshield also create pressure.

●    Accidents

When you keep your Jeep in the garage or beside the road, any flying ball or bottle may accidentally hurt your windshield and cause damage.

●    Stoney roads

Driving on a Stoney road hamper the balance. On the other hand, friction between the stone and the wheel may cause the stone to bounce back and hit the windshield. Primarily you will find a chip that becomes cracked over time.

●    Old windshield

Glass has its shelf life; with time, it degrades and gets thinner. So, driving with such a windshield easily got cracked.

What Happens if You Don’t Replace Your Windshield?

The windshield acts as excellent support for the driver and minimizes the risk. It also holds the roof and provides strength to the Jeep frame.

So, it is essential to know when you have to replace the windshield. Early replacement minimizes the risk of severe accidents, like ejection from Jeep or death.

Let’s see some of the most usual and unwanted things from the damaged windshield.

Vision barrier while driving

A tiny chip or crack is a big trouble as it creates a barrier to see during driving. The prism effect is another issue that arises due to cracks and creates an obstacle to seeing the path. So you may miss a passerby or animal, which may lead to accidents.

Both hot and cold temperature makes the crack even worse

A little crack is fine until you put hot water on the Jeep covered with ice. This sudden temperature change can cause an extended crack or completely break down the windshield.

On the other hand, turning on the air conditioner in hotter areas may result in big cracks in the windshield. Fluctuation of temperature can bring unfixable cracks.

Costly Traffic Citation

Driving with a broken windshield is not permitted in many states in the USA. So traffic violations can issue against you.

And they can order you to take your vehicle off the road or give you a deadline to fix it no matter your other emergency. Negligence to repair may put you in trouble with the law.

Early repair is quick and cheap

Fix the damage before it becomes worse or bigger. A delayed repair will increase the problem and will cost you a lot.

With the blessing of advanced technology, you can have many products to fix it. The timely repair will save it from discoloration and prevent dust and dirt from entering the affected area.

You could face severe damage

A weak windshield weakens the Jeep’s roof and loses its ability to hold the structure. So broken or weakened windshield results in the collapse of the jeep roof, which further leads to life-threatening accidents.

Moreover, a broken windshield can’t be framed due to its weight and can eject the driver out of the Jeep.

The extended crack is not fixable

Waiting long may result in a worsened windshield that can be unrepairable. So, hold a dollar bill beside the crack to find out if repair is possible; if it crosses over six inches, you can repair it.

When To Replace The Windshield?

Shallow and under two-inch cracks can be repaired above that replacement is suggested.

Here we will see some factors where replacement is necessary.

●    Tempered glass

This is used in the rear and side windows. When damaged, laminated glass can hold itself, but tempered glass breaks into smaller, tiny pieces. So tempered glass-made windshields are recommended for replacement due to their style of breakage.

●    Deep and a large crack

Replacement is the option if a crack makes a hole in the windshield or is longer than the dollar bill.

Having a hole opens up the plastic layer of the windshield and increases the chance of discoloration. A repair is an option in this case, but in the long run, replacement is better.

●    Too many cracks or chips

More than three cracks or chips must be replaced as it decreases the performance ability of the windshield.

●    Crack or chips outside the edge

Replacement is recommended if cracks or chips extend outside the edge, meaning one crack speeds to the other end of the windshield.

●    Crack or chips in trouble spot or bad spot

A crack or chip in the trouble spot or bad spot means the spot is on the driver’s side. Damage to the driver’s side requires complete replacement to ensure safety.

How To Take Care Of Jeep Windshield?

Taking care is a means of longing for windshield life. See how you can take care of your Jeep windshield

  1. Clean it with a soft cloth using water and a mild soap mixture.
  2. Inspect properly to find cracks, and if you find one, take the proper step to fix it.
  3. Learn the waxing procedure. Waxing protects the glass from damage and scratches.


Jeep Cherokee windshield replacement cost is much, and unfortunately, it is fragile in nature.

So, replacing the windshield is crucial, and the cost can vary depending on various factors. It is estimated considering labor, the windshield itself, and other required parts.

Thus, the amount of damage plays a key role in determining the cost. So, before replacing, check your insurance; that may save you a lot of money.

If insurance doesn’t cover the replacement amount, research a bit to find the best service option.

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