How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key with Easy Steps

Even when you’re not behind the wheel, you have some control over certain aspects of your Ford vehicle. For example, you can limit certain functions with MyKey, a feature that helps you and your loved ones to practice safe driving.

As soon as you use this key, your settings will be activated. If you’re a parent of a new driver, optional settings may help get the most out of MyKey. By using your admin key, you can always turn off MyKey.

What if you don’t have the admin key? You can turn off MyKey in Ford without an admin key, but you need to know that some risk is still involved.

Knowing how to turn on and off Ford MyKey can save you money and prevent you from visiting your dealership. You can disable Ford MyKey by following the guide below.

What Is Ford MyKey?

The Ford MyKey system is an extremely versatile tool that can help you with your daily driving. However, if you’re new to it, you may still be learning everything it can do.

A Ford MyKey system, which allows you to program keys with specific restrictions, comes standard in most new Ford vehicles.

Drivers commonly use the following MyKey functions to set limits for teen drivers:

You can change or clear restriction settings anytime using the MyKey menu on your display screen. A programmed MyKey will limit the driver to the settings you specify. Including parking aids, any Ford safety features you have installed will also be required to be used by them.

The main driver can restrict keys distributed to other drivers for the same vehicle. In the case of a new teen driver, MyKey allows you to promote safe driving by stopping the vehicle, limiting the entertainment system, and requiring the front seat passengers to wear seat belts.

How Do I Get The MyKey Admin Key?

Using the MyKey feature, you can set a limited driving mode on your keys to encouraging safe driving practices. There is only one key that cannot be programmed with restrictions. Admin keys are any keys that you haven’t programmed.

Can You Turn Off MyKey Without an Admin Key?

If you encounter a technical issue or make a mistake with a setting, you might need to disable Ford MyKey. If you don’t turn off the vehicle after creating the MyKey, you can clear or change the settings without using an admin key.

Changing or clearing your MyKey settings requires an admin key once the vehicle is turned off. Ford Dealers can provide you with a new key if you do not have an admin key. The FORScan app is another option that I will be discussing below.

How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key?

Without admin key support, the Ford MyKey disable process will be different. It will be hard or easy to turn off MyKey, depending on the model and series of your Ford truck.

There are instructions on how to use MyKey, and the Ford brand has disabled the process. Turning off MyKey Ford without an admin key takes patience and time. It is best to use a third-party app for those without the feature.

A FORScan app that disables MyKey without an admin key would be ideal. However, it is best to follow the instructions on the Ford website to avoid making mistakes.

Aside from that, it will take a long time to turn off MyKey on the Ford truck. So, there you go. The following steps will show you how to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key.

Method 1: Using FORScan App

Here are some things you’ll need:

  • Access To Ford Computer
  • FORScan Software
  • USB OBD II Adapter

Step 1: Reprogram The Ford MyKey

The first thing you need to do is reset the Ford MyKey. By doing so, you can proceed safely to the disabling process. As a result, the restriction issue will also be resolved. Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect the MyKey to the ignition correctly by attaching it to the ignition. Place the key into the backup slot if your Ford truck has a start button.
  • The next step is to wait for the truck to turn on all the lights and computers. Your Ford onboard computer has the main menu. Choose Settings from the menu.
  • In the Settings option, find the MyKey option. Click on the bar once you’ve located it. Next, choose the Create MyKey option from the menu.
  • Press OK after that. This way, the key can be easily identified as MyKey when placed on the ignition. Restart the process once it has been reset. That is all there is to it.

Step 2: Connect The Ford Computer To The Adapter

You now need to connect your Ford computer to the OBD 2 adapter. It will improve the connection between the USB device and the app.

Step 3: Open The FORScan App

To turn off the MyKey system, you need an OBD 2 device that is reliable. FORScan can also be accessed via your mobile phone.

Once the loading option has been completed, click on the wrench icon. There will be a section called Service Functions. By clicking on BdyCM PATS programming, you can activate it.

Turn on your Ford truck’s key without running the engine. After that, click OK and wait for a few seconds. Keep the Ford truck running at this moment.

Step 4: Remove The Key From The Ford

The Ignition Key Programming option is available if you see the PATS module fully accessed. In this way, the no MyKey option in settings will be accessible. Your Ford truck’s ignition should be turned off and the key removed.

The keyfob must be removed from the truck if you wish to have a keyless system. To turn it on, attach the new key to the ignition. Just as before, keep the truck idling. The Ford electric system must be turned on for MyKey to be disabled.

Step 5: Turn Off MyKey Settings

Once the security check is complete, it will take 10 minutes. When the new key is programmed, the system will command you to turn off and on your Ford truck. Additionally, it will command the Ford engine to start.

Once the new key has been programmed successfully, you will receive a notification. Upon completing the key programming process, go to the main menu and scroll down to MyKey. To turn it off, complete the Clear MyKey option.

How To Clear MyKey With FORscan But Without Any Programming?

  1. Connect FORScan to the car and start it.
  2. Perform the PCM KOER self-test (Tests->PM Key On Engine Running On Demand)
  3. You should wait until the test is over
  4. In case of keyless entry (with the engine start button), remove the key fob from the car. With a standard blade key, the transponder must be blocked (for example, by wrapping the key fob in foil).
  5. Turn off the ignition (stop the engine)
  6. After that, don’t start the engine but turn on the ignition.
  7. You can clear your keys by going to the MyKey menu in your instrument cluster and choosing the Clear MyKey option.

Method 2: Disabling RFID Chips

By tricking your Ford into believing there is no key in the vehicle, we can disable MyKey without the admin key. The steps are as follows:

You can start your Ford vehicle normally with your MyKey, but you do not need to drive the vehicle yet. Your screen will display the MyKey restrictions. The RFID chip on your key should not be able to send or receive signals from your vehicle while the engine is running. You can do this in a few ways.

  • Tin cans are great for hiding MyKey units
  • Make sure your MyKey is wrapped in tin foil
  • You can ask someone else to pick up the MyKey and walk a few feet away from the car for you.

Make sure one of the doors on the vehicle is open and closed. You will be notified that the key is missing on your screen. Then, using your MyKey, turn the ignition back on. You can start the vehicle, but your MyKey will still not be detected.

Just like an admin key, you can access your MyKey menu here. Select “Clear MyKeys” from the MyKey menu. Your admin key is back in effect now that you’ve done that.

Alternative Methods:

It is commonly the case that people with MyKey enabled do not have an Admin key that would allow them to clear MyKey. Trying the following steps may help if the above steps don’t work.

Reprogram PATS

Program two new keys after erasing all known keys. MyKey is completely removed, but this method is quite heavy.

PATS programming functions are required as well as two working keys of good quality (not all models support PATS programming).

Disable MyKey Options In IPC

If available, disable MyKey options in IPC and other modules. Doing this can remove the chimes and warnings, but not MyKey itself. After this procedure, some limits, such as speed limits, may remain in effect.

Is It Possible To Reset MyKey By Disconnecting The Battery?

When the negative battery cable is removed, the Ford MyKey is reset. However, taking the battery cable off is needed to reset the car’s settings. After you reconnect the device to power, regardless of what else you do, your settings should be restored as before.

How Do I Override Ford MyKey?

The following steps will allow you to turn off Ford MyKey and regain your most-used driving features:

First, you can access your display screen by starting your car.

Select “Settings” from the main menu.

Select “MyKey” from your options.

Find the “Clear MyKey” option.

Hold down “OK” until you see the message “All MyKeys Cleared.” on your display screen.

How Does FORScan Work?

FORScan can perform specific tests and maintenance procedures and display PIDs that are unavailable on any OBD2 scanner.

Programming and configuration capabilities are also available in FORScan for Windows. By contrast, FORScan can perform tasks that are impossible with standard OBD2 scanners.

Do All Ford Cars Have Ford MyKey?

This feature is available on millions of vehicles nationwide. There are several sizes of Ford with this feature, including the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Escape SUV, the Ford F-150 truck, the Ford Focus sedan, and the Ford Transit Connect van.

What Is MyKey Distance On Ford?

Rather than the usual 50-mile warning at empty, MyKey can be configured to issue the “low gas” warning at 75 miles to empty. In addition, the safety system can prevent blind-spot warnings and parking assistance from being disabled.

Does MyKey Limit Power?

With Ford MyKey®, you can control various settings depending on the Ford model you drive and the SYNC® technology you use. Some characteristics of the Ford TX include Top Speed Restrictions.

You can choose between 65, 70, 75, or 80 mph for the top speed. A warning alarm will sound when you approach 45 mph, 55 mph, and 65 mph.

The Bottom Line

All restrictions are removed from your MyKeys when you clear them and are returned to their original admin key status. MyKey restrictions cannot be removed individually.

Now that you know how to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key, you’re ready to try it out. In some instances, Ford MyKey can be frustrating, despite its benefits in promoting safe driving. Whether you have the admin key or not, you can disable MyKey.

It isn’t easy to turn off MyKey on a Ford truck without an admin key. Also, the MyKey settings are cleared when you remove all restrictions and return them to their original admin key status.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I hope this information helped you understand how to operate the MyKey system on your Ford F-150 and other Ford models.

2 thoughts on “How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key with Easy Steps”

    • You will need the admin key to reset the MyKey on a Ford Explorer 2014 basic edition with two keys restricted to MY_KEY.
      Admin keys were programmed to vehicles when they were first manufactured. The MyKey restrictions must be removed at a Ford dealership if you do not have the admin key.
      To reset the MyKey, follow these steps assuming you have the admin key:
      1. Turn on the ignition with the admin key.
      2. Access the MyKey menu in the instrument cluster by using the arrow buttons on the steering wheel.
      3. Choose the option to clear all MyKeys.
      4. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm that you want to clear all MyKeys.
      5. After you have reset MyKey, turn off the ignition and remove the admin key.
      After this step, all restrictions imposed by MyKey should have been removed, and all keys should now be fully functional.


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