Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor on Ford Vehicles [Easy To Follow Steps]

The ambient temperature sensor of a car is a device that measures the temperature outside the vehicle and sends that information to the car’s climate control system. This helps make sure that the air inside your vehicle is always comfortable.

The ambient temperature sensor of a car has many uses, but it primarily helps with automatic climate control systems. If you notice that your car’s ambient temperature sensor is not functioning correctly, there are a few things you can do to reset it.

Different Methods of Resetting the Ambient Temperature Sensor on Ford Vehicles

Like other car makes and models, the temperature sensor for the F150 can be restrained in a pretty generic way.

Try cleaning the sensor before wasting your energy on the steps. Then, check if the sensor needs to be reset. The ambient temperature sensor should be cleaned with a dry rag or cloth.

Location of the ambient temperature sensor on ford vehicles

To reset the Ambient Air Temperature (AAT) sensor data after it has been replaced, follow the instructions below.

1. To update the data, drive the vehicle at about 20 MPH continuously for about five minutes.

2. To update the raw value, press multiple buttons simultaneously. For example, the AAT sensor can be reset by pressing the following multiple buttons:

  • Hold down the Recirc and A/C buttons simultaneously on the HVAC panel.
  • Repress the air conditioning button within two seconds.

Temperature sensors in Ford cars can be reset in several ways. First, your car’s model determines the method. We will discuss other Ford models using the same steps above when accessing the sensor.

The sensor must be replaced by removing the bumper. In addition, a mechanic can clean and diagnose it, so you can determine if you need to return or wash it.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor In A Ford Fusion?

In a Ford Fusion, here is how to reset the ambient temperature sensor.

You will need to follow the same steps as the Ford Escape model (above) to reset the Ford Fusion’s ambient temperature. The manual method of resetting and replacing will be discussed below.

Step 1: Disconnect The Battery After Turning Off The Vehicle

Disconnect your batteries with a wrench after turning off the ignition. If you work on your vehicle this way, you will avoid any electrical damage.

Step 2: Identify The Ambient Temperature Sensor

On top of the bumper is the ambient temperature sensor located under the grille. The AC lines at the back of the battery can also be used to locate it. You need to find the line going toward the bumper. The passenger side should have it. A green patch surrounds a nipple-like plastic sensor.

Step 3: Remove The Wiring From The Sensors

The small lock connecting the sensors to the back should be visible after seeing them. You can disconnect the wire by pressing down on it. It is essential to be gentle when pulling on this wire, as excessive force might damage it.

Following the first wire, you’ll find a green arrow plug underneath. Press the tab on the tab to release the release latch and pull the wire again.

Step 4: Increase The Dials To Their Maximum Setting

Your next step should be to view the temperature. Turn the dial clockwise until it reaches its maximum setting. You should hear a click as soon as you slow down the counterclockwise release.

Gently press the connectors back into place to reconnect the wiring harness. Twist the connectors slowly to lock them into place at the same time.

Step 5: Place The Sensor And Lock It

You can reinstall your sensors by placing the secure studs where you removed them. Securing them to the holes and tightening the locking ring is essential.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor In A Ford Escape?

The following instructions will show you how to reset the ambient temperature sensor on your Ford Escape. Your garage is the perfect place to perform this task.

Step 1: Turn On The Engine

Activating your AC system and the sensor requires turning on your vehicle first. Using your key is one way to start it, but you can also use a start-up button.

Step 2: Change Gears To ‘Drive’

By shifting your gear selector to “Drive,” the ambient temperature sensor can be calibrated more quickly. To prevent your car from moving forward, engage the parking brake or e-brake.

Step 3: Press Both AC And Max AC Buttons At The Same Time

At the front of the gear selector, press and hold the “AC” and “Max AC” buttons for two seconds. Controlling the cabin climate is done by these two buttons on the dashboard.

Activate the calibration by pressing them firmly. You must hold the button for at least two seconds before letting go.

Wait for a few minutes until the system has fully calibrated. It is recommended that you replace the sensor after resetting if you suspect it did not work.

How To Replace Ambient Temperature Sensor?

It’s not that hard to replace ambient temperature sensors if you follow the proper instructions. It is also not expensive to replace the ambient temperature sensor. Let’s get started with the straightforward steps by taking all the items.

Required Tools:

  • Vehicles manufactured by Ford
  • Sensor for detecting ambient temperature
  • A pair of screwdrivers
  • Rag for cleaning
  • Protective equipment

The Battery Needs To Be Removed

To begin with, you must remove Ford’s battery. Avoid operating the truck. Wearing shockproof gloves has prevented any mishaps during this step. As a result, you will be able to avoid any adverse effects of electric current.

Unscrew And Remove The Screws And Wires

Our next step was to remove the bumper of the Ford truck. After that, disconnect all the sensors’ wires. Then, take the wires out safely by twisting them. They are also easy to loosen because of plastic clips.

In order to remove Ford parts, you need to remove all screws. For safety reasons, set the wires in different directions once you have removed them.

Remove The Sensor From The Device

After that, we removed the sensors and stored them safely. If you want to twist them safely, you’ll need a screwdriver.

Hold the sensor tightly with two screwdrivers in both hands and twist it. Attach the new bracket easily by keeping the bracket in place.

Replace The Old Sensor With The New One

Here’s a description of the actual process of replacing ambient temperature sensors. Using your hand, attach the new sensor to the bracket.

Connecting the new one with a screwdriver is easy with this trick. If you are using screwdrivers, make sure you have twisted the sensor.

Why Do You Need To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford?

What’s the current outside temperature? Your ambient temperature sensor tells you that. In other words, it’s the one that detects how hot or cold the surroundings are.

Sensors send messages to the automatic climate control system, which interprets them to determine the optimal temperature inside your car. Luxury cars usually have this feature, and higher-trim models typically do too.

Creating an intelligent vehicle that interacts with the user is a fantastic amenity. In addition, passengers enjoy the car’s most comfortable and optimal climate when the cabin temperature can be adjusted outside.

The auto climate system might also malfunction if your ambient temperature sensor malfunctions.

A properly working sensor and auto climate control system will prevent excessively hot or cold temperatures inside the vehicle. In the summer or winter, when temperatures get extreme, this will provide a better driving experience.

Does The Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Affect AC?

Air conditioning systems and ambient temperature sensors work together to achieve optimal cabin temperatures.

As the temperature outside changes, the sensor transmits that information to the automatic climate control system, which then changes the air conditioning’s temperature based on that information.

Because of this, fluctuating cabin temperatures are caused by a malfunctioning ambient sensor. The sensor could, in the worst cases, make it even hotter or colder inside your vehicle if its readings are astronomically off.

Your riding experience could be very uncomfortable if you experience such a malfunction. Since the sensor controls your AC system, even if you manually adjust the temperature, it will only read the previous temperature.

It is possible for most vehicles to disable their auto climate control features so that you can control your climate manually.

How To Know If The Ambient Temperature Sensor Is Not Working?

For the safety of the Ford F150 and its parts, you must fix malfunctioning parts when they occur. As a result, there is a problem with the AC system, and its functioning is disturbed.

They also issue inadequate commands when they receive an incorrect output from the climate control system. So, when your outside temperature display isn’t working, you should know the signs.

AC cooling systems can sometimes be affected, and the interior can become hot. Thus, surviving in a hot area is challenging when passing through it.

It is common for people to complain about their air conditioner working too hard and making the internal environment too cold. Children can suffer from health issues as a result of this cold environment.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Ambient Air Temperature Sensor In Ford?

Depending on your vehicle’s model and year, the cost of replacing an ambient air temperature sensor varies.

A sensor replacement for a 2002 Escape model will cost about $107. In contrast, 2010 Fusions will cost $202. In addition, labor costs an additional $68-$80.

If Your IAT Sensor Is Bad, Can You Still Drive?

A bad IAT sensor can cause your engine to run hotter than usual or take longer to cool down. Overheating or inaccurate readings can result from a bad IAT sensor.

A bad IAT sensor will not prevent you from driving your car. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to drive a vehicle with a defective IAT sensor, as it could cause severe engine damage. Repairs become expensive as a result.

The Bottom Line

When your auto climate control system is on, a malfunctioning ambient temperature can affect your air conditioning.

Considering that it can control your AC, if the sensor doesn’t read correctly, the output of the AC will either be too hot or too cold.

Resetting the ambient temperature sensor on your Ford vehicle can be accomplished in various ways, depending on the model.

Auto climate control sets the interior temperature of your car based on the ambient temperature sensor in your vehicle.

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