How To Remove Jeep Wheel Lock Without A Key: A Complete Guide

Wheel locks are additional kits to keep your car’s tire and wheel from stealing. The wheel lug nut locks are redesigned lug nuts having theft-deterrent sockets. Without unlocking this special socket, you can’t remove the tire, rim, and wheel.

If you’ve lost the key and wondering, how to remove Jeep wheel lock without a key, we got you covered. Calling the mechanic or applying some DIY techniques both are possible. You can bypass the lock to remove the wheel using a professional kit box or a standard socket along with a hammer and brute force.

Today we will discuss the methods and precautions for removing the Jeep wheel lock without using a key. So, if you are also planning to remove the wheel lock yourself, this article will be helpful for you.

Methods Of Removing Jeep Wheel Lock Without A Key

There are many ways for removing the jeep wheel lock without a key. We are going to discuss the two simplest methods that you can follow easily. Those are;

  • Using a professional method
  • Using a standard socket along with a hammer and brute force

But, before starting the process, you will need some instruments.

MethodsRequired instruments
Using a professional method  Wheel lock removal kit
Using a standard socket along with a hammer and brute force  12-point variety socketHammerBreaker barTorque wrenchNew lug nut

How To Remove Jeep Wheel Lock Without A Key: A Complete Guide

In the above section, we talked about the required instruments for the two methods. Here, in this section, we will discuss the complete process of removing the Jeep wheel lock without a key.

1. Using a professional method

Let’s talk about the uncomplicated way to remove the lock if you can’t find the key. Even though the process doesn’t damage the rims and sometimes bolts also stay unbroken.

For this, first, you have to select the suitable and appropriate socket from the kit box that matches the size of the lug nut that you are going to remove. Make sure it fits pretty tightly.

Next, you have to rotate the tool for positioning it on the lock of the wheel. Finally, you can proceed with spinning the remover kit until the bolt decently releases.

Using a standard socket along with a brute hammer and force

Generally, the removal kit box for lug nuts is expensive. So, if you don’t have any and also don’t want to spend that much money, then this method is for you. In this method, you will need to apply force to loosen the lock of the wheel.

If you follow the below instructions carefully, you can successfully remove the lock.

Step 1: Select the socket

Get the set of 12-point sockets and pick the socket that has the closest size to the lug nuts. You can pick up a deep well socket or a short socket. But, make sure that the size you pick suits tightly over the top of the bolt.

Step 2: Positioning the socket

You need to use your force for hammering down the socket into the locking nut. Generally, most of the strong-looking lug nuts are made of softer material than the sockets. So, it will be all right if you hammer down a socket on it.

Make sure you are going as straight as possible while hammering down the socket. Also, continue hammering it down until the socket has a tight fit around the lug nut.

Step 3: Unscrewing the lug nut

Now, you have to use the breaker bar which is just a metal rod that can clip your sockets. The advantage of using a breaker bar is you will need to apply less force. A breaker bar of half-inch will be perfect for the removal process.

You have to place the breaker bar on the socket that is fitted firmly on the above wheel bolt. Try to loosen and unscrew the wheel bolt.

Step 4: Unscrewing other bolts

After unscrewing the lug nut, you also have to unscrew other nuts. Now quickly inspects the stud’s threads on the wheel. If they are damaged, you need to replace them with a new ones. But it will be costly.

And if you find that the studs are completely okay, you can proceed with putting on new lug nuts on the wheels.

Step 5: Recovering the wheel bolt

After the task comes to an end, you must want the wheel bolt back so that you can use it again. For this, you will need a vice, a heavy-duty hammer, and a blunt chisel.

You have to hook the lug nut with a socket that will be facing down into a vice.  Then, you can put the chisel through the hollow lug nuts. After that, keep whacking it until it ends up out. There is the most chance that you will get a wheel bolt without any wear.

7 Precautions While Removing Jeep Wheel Lock Without A Key

You can easily remove the Jeep wheel if you follow the process properly. But, there are a few precautions that you need to follow to reduce the risk of harm to yourself and your vehicle. Those are

  1. Check for the wheel key properly before you start hammering your car with a hammer.
  2. Make sure the socket is not loose enough to revolve around the wheel lock.
  3. While the hammering process, try to use gloves for preventing hand injury.
  4. Try to remove the wheel bolts without damaging them. Because replacing them will require a lot of money.
  5. Please don’t use a torque wrench instead of a breaker bar. As it is a precession instrument, using blunt force arable to throw off the calibration. As a result, it will render inaccurate.
  6. Don’t use a braking bar with so much force for finishing it quickly. Otherwise, it may damage your locking nut and will grind it down.
  7. After driving your jeep for almost 10 miles, you have to torque down the lug nuts again in a similar way as before.

What Is The Significance Of A Wheel Lock Key?

Every wheel lock key has an individual design. Only the wheel lock keys can match the unique pattern of your wheel lock. Thus, you can’t open it with any random key.

But remember, it can’t prevent car theft; you will need wheel clamps for this. Wheel locks are only for saving your car’s wheel. So, if you lose your wheel lock key, you will need to order another key from the dealer.

Though wheel lock doesn’t compromise the functionality of the tire, many drivers claim that it slows down their speed. Until the second key ships, check the way outs for removing the wheel lock without a key.

Where is the Wheel Lock Key Located In the Jeep?

The key generally comes in a set, and you can find them with the spare tire or in the glove box. But the location may vary with different Jeeps. If you can’t find the location of the key, then look around a bit in your car.

The easiest move to find it is to look into the box where the owner’s manual is. Often, the owner’s manual provides information about the location. Sometimes, you can locate it with factory tools and jacks.

If you still can’t find it, check the toolbox. You can also look in the glove box, central console, cup holders, door cubbies, and near the little cubby near your left knee. Moreover, you can contact the dealer or manufacturer for getting information about the location of the key.

Can You Open Jeep Wheel Lock Without A Key?

The main function of a jeep wheel lock is to prevent car theft. But, you might also need to change the tire and wheel, so might in to remove that. It will be a relief if you have the key with you. But what if you lose your key somehow?

You have to buy a new wheel lock key from the manufacturer or dealer. Unfortunately, this is quite expensive. But, don’t worry. There are also many other ways to remove the wheel without the key.

Generally, the most simple way to do that is to call a mechanic or a repair shop. Because they have many special tools necessary for removing the Jeep wheel without using any key.

But, if you have tools, you can remove the wheel yourself. For this, you just need to have a clear idea about the methods.


In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions about how to remove the Jeep wheel lock without a key.

Is the wheel lock useless?

Anyone can remove the wheel without a key with some methods. It’s nothing but a slight inconvenience to a thief. But using it can make you less worried about your car’s stealing. Thus, it’s less effective, but not completely useless.

How to reduce the torque to remove the Jeep wheel lock without a key?

If you can loosen the binding grit of the lock lug nut, it will require less torque than usual.

For this, tighten the bolts on either side of the log nut and loosen them on the opposite side. This will relieve wheel pressure on a nut.

Then, if you tap the hammer on the locking nuts a few times, it will break some tension and binding grit.

How to remove the Jeep wheel lock if the wheel stud is over-tightened?

You can remove an over-tightened wheel stud using a drilling kit.

You have to drill a pilot hole through the bush fitted over the stud to a specified depth and another bush through the larger drill.

Finally. Hammer a hexagon and drift into the hole to extract the stud.


Jeep wheel lock has a specialized design of sockets for unlocking the wheel. Therefore, keep your wheel lock key in a safe place.

Because, if you can’t find the lock key suddenly, there will be difficult while remove the wheel. But luckily there are some alternative ways to this issue.

If you are here from the start, you are already aware of how to remove Jeep wheel lock without a key. You just need to follow the step that we mentioned.

As a result, you can do the task without using any wheel lock key. But make sure you are also following the precautions properly.

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