How To Open Fuel Door on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can you imagine the gas jockey is waiting outside your car to help you fill-up the tank, and you are struggling to open up the fuel door? Yes, it could be embarrassing!

So learn how to open fuel door on Jeep Grand Cherokee not to get embarrassed on your next trip. The ignition must typically be turned off. Then the fuel door’s back edge is pushed and released. Thus, the door then automatically opens up.

Although this mechanism is similar in every vehicle, the release button’s location and function differ from model to model. So learn how to open the fuel doors of different Jeep Grand Cherokee models in this article.

How To Open Fuel Door on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee models have different ways to open the fuel doors. Some might have lids that open with a press, and some might have buttons to tap. Below, the ways you can open the fuel doors of different Jeep Grand Cherokees are described briefly.

The Jeeps From 2011- 2014

  • Firstly, open the trunk door.
  • Take out the storage bin from the left back side of the Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Pull the release cable after you locate it in the back.
  • That will open the fuel door.
  • Now you can access the fuel tank.

The Jeeps From 2015

  • You must locate the release button to get to the fuel tank first.
  • The button can be found on the driver’s side.
  • Then using the release button, you have to release the fuel door.
  • Take off the gas cap after turning it counterclockwise.
  • Now you can refill your Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel tank.

The Jeeps From 2017-2019

  • In these models, you will find the release button under the switch that turns on the headlights.
  • Push the buttons to release the door.
  • Pull open the door.
  • Now you refill the fuel tank.
  • The door locks itself after you close it.

The Jeeps From 2020

  • At first, turning off the ignition.
  • Release the fuel door by pushing the rear edge of the fuel door.
  • Pushing the door pops it open.
  • In the case of snow, ice can shut you out. So break away any ice by pushing the outer edge of the fuel door.
  • Then you can access the fuel tank.

The Jeeps From 2021-2022

Unlike the previous models, 2021-2022 models do not have the release button to open the tank cap. Follow the below steps to open the fuel door:

  • Firstly, turn off the ignition.
  • Unlock the door after putting the Jeep Grand Cherokee in PARK mode.
  • Check out the fuel door. You will find the fuel door on the Jeep’s left side.
  • Push the center back edge of the fuel door to release it open.
  • Now you have access and can refuel your vehicle.

Alternative Way To Open The Fuel Door

If all else fails to open the fuel door, take the emergency route. You will have to check the storage container of the vehicle’s back of the cargo area.

If you check the left side, there you will find the release cable. That release cable may save you from getting stuck without fuel out in the open.

Reasons Why Jeep Grand Cherokee Gets Stuck

If your Jeep Grand Cherokee has a faulty fuel door hinge, it will not close or open normally. A loose or too-tight hinge can also prevent the fuel door from working correctly. Other issues can cause this problem. They are:

  • Broken Fuel Door

You may witness that the fuel door’s release is broken. If you opened the fuel door, you would have to pull the release. The release is usually a level inside the vehicle, and some cars have a button on their keys.

Tapping the button or pulling the release, either way, will not work if the hinge is broken. Instead, the Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel door will be jammed.

  • External Damage

While driving around the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is sometimes possible to get damaged by external forces. If the fuel door receives the impact, there is a possibility of it showing issues.

Even a tiny amount of damage in the correct place can squish the Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel door hinge. With that, you are unable to open the fuel door.

  • Jammed hinges

We read about broken or stiff hinges. Then we learned about the hinge getting damaged by an external force. But that does not end there. The hinge getting jammed is another way your fuel door can shut you out.

If something gets stuck on the Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel door’s hinge, you will not be able to open the fuel door.

Should You Replace The Fuel Door?

As the fuel door is operated with a spring mechanism and release system, it might wear out over time.

Because of that, you will need a new and better fuel door to replace the old one. It is better to get a new one than to face problems with the old one. So keep an eye on the fuel door.


Here are a few regular inquiries other Jeep Grand Cherokee users have answered below.

What Is There To Know About Fuel Door Release?

In some vehicles’ fuel doors, you may notice a fuel door release or an actuator that closes and opens from inside the vehicle. It allows the user to access the fuel door from inside the car with a push of a button.

Is It Necessary To Lock The Fuel Cap?

If you are worried about fuel theft, locking the vehicle’s fuel caps can be a great way to prevent theft.

Even though one expert thief may find ways to do the deed, any opportunistic or sudden theft is avoidable. Those who drill a hole in your gas tank are on a whole other level of theft.

How Can I Remove The Fuel Lock?

If you lost your fuel lock key, take a flathead screw and a hammer. Put the screw in and hit with the hammer until it is inside tightly.

Now twist the screw and break the cap of the lock. Unscrew the inner cap using an adjustable wrench. You have full access to the gas tank. But now you have to buy a new fuel lock.


Now you know How To Open Fuel Door on Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not only of one model but of several Jeep Grand Cherokee models. That way, if you have to open the fuel door for someone else’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can also do that.

You have also learned why you can have a problem opening the fuel doors. Keep your fuel door from getting damaged or having anything stuck on the hinge.

Avoid those; you should be golden with your Jeep Grand Cherokee whenever you need to refill the fuel tank.

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