How To Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep Liberty?

When your dashboard illuminates the ESP BAS light on your Jeep Liberty, there is something wrong with your vehicle. The sign generally indicates a problem with the Electronic Stability Program or Brake Assist System.

So, how to fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep Liberty? The sign is a common problem for this vehicle. And it is typically caused by brake switch failure, faulty steering wheel angle sensor, and bad wheel speed sensor.

Problems with brake pads and calipers, along with faulty wiring, are also responsible for the issue.

However, solving these problems is easy and does not put much pressure on the wallets. So, in this guide, we will share the details of the causes behind the indication and their fixes. Thus, stay tuned till the end of the blog!

How To Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep Liberty [5 Causes & Fixes]

As we discussed earlier, there are quite a few reasons which show the ESP BAS warning on a Jeep Liberty. Let us take a look at these reasons and the solutions behind them.

1. Brake Switch Failure

One of the major reasons behind the warning coming up in your Jeep Liberty is a bad brake switch.

The purpose of a brake switch is to shine the brake lights at the rear end of the car. These brake lights alert other cars that you have applied brakes and are slowing down.

However, then the brake switch does not work, and the rear lights will not turn on. This increases the risk of accidents as other drivers will not be alerted about you applying brakes. And this brake switch failure causes the light to Illuminate.

How To Fix it?

The solution to the issue is very simple. If you notice an ESP BAS warning on your Liberty dashboard, check the brake switch of your vehicle.

Make sure that it is working properly and that your rear lights are turning on and off accurately. If there is a problem with the brake switch, repair it immediately or replace it with a new one.

2. Faulty Steering Wheel Angle Sensor

A malfunctioning steering wheel angle sensor is another significant cause behind the warning in your Jeep.

The steering wheels of our vehicles come with an angle sensor. This sensor helps the ground wheels to move or turn according to the movements of the wheel.

The steering wheel sensor often goes bad or loses connection. As soon as it happens, you will notice the ESP BAS signal.

This faulty sensor disrupts the connection between the steering wheel and the wheels of the car. And as a result, the wheels of the vehicle often make wrong turns which can cause severe accidents.

How To Fix It?

Examine the sensor in the steering wheel to make sure that it is in working condition. If there are problems in coordination between the wheels, readjust the sensor.

Put your car in park and keep the engine on. Turn the wheel twice to the right and repeat the step on the left.

Now place the wheel back in its natural position and your sensor will be readjusted. Replace the sensor if the sign does not go away even after resetting.

3. Bad Wheel Speed Sensor

Sensors are installed on all four wheels of the vehicle. After determining the velocity of each wheel, these sensors provide signals to the car’s ESP BAS systems.

Oftentimes, one of the wheels moves at a different speed than the others. In cases like these, the systems make sure to align them to improve grip and balance.

If a sensor fails to determine the speeds, it will give inaccurate signals to the system. So your Jeep dashboard will display the signal and it’s critical to address this issue as soon as possible to ensure road safety.

How To Fix It?

Inspect the speed sensors of your Jeep Liberty and make sure that all of them are working properly.

If you notice any faulty sensor, remove it from the wheel. Repair the sensor and put it back in its place. You can also replace the sensor entirely as they are not very expensive.

4. Faulty Wiring

There are hundreds of components inside a vehicle connected through wires. And these wires often become loose or tear over time.

When there is a faulty wire inside the Jeep, it prevents the component from working accurately. This causes the ESP BAS signal on the vehicle.

How To Fix It?

Take a look at the internal components of your vehicle and make sure that all the wires are fitted properly.

If there is a loose wire, plug it in properly and secure the connection. However, if the wire is torn or faulty, replace it with a new one and secure the new wire properly.

5. Issues With Brake Pads & Calipers

Lastly, issues with brake pads and faulty or damaged calipers will cause the indicator to be displayed.

If the calipers are faulty, they will not apply the required pressure to the brake pads. This will cause a problem when it comes to applying the brakes of the car.

Similarly, damaged or faulty brake pads will not control the wheels of the Jeep properly. This will significantly increase the risk of accidents when driving on the road.

How To Fix It?

Examine the brake pads and calipers of your vehicle. Make sure that both of these components are in perfect working condition. If any one of them or both are faulty, replace them with new ones before taking your car out for driving.


At the end of the guide, we hope you know how to fix ESP BAS light on Jeep Liberty. We have mentioned all the possible causes behind the problem and their appropriate solution.

Tending to the issue as soon as it occurs is necessary to ensure your safety and those of others on the road. Make the required repairs and replacements on time to avoid accidents and injuries.

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