How to Clean My Ford Touch Screen? Easy Step By Step Guide

Car touch screens, also known as infotainment screens or touch screens, provide us with multiple benefits, including music playing, GPS navigation, voice recognition, etc.

A precious thing like your Ford’s touch screen should not be damaged or destroyed, so you must take proper care of it, including knowing how to clean it properly.

If you want to do this, you should use a clean, soft cloth, such as the one used to clean glasses. To remove dirt and fingerprints, wipe the cloth with a small amount of alcohol. The display should not be sprayed or poured with alcohol.

You should not clean the display with detergent or solvents. There is more to cleaning than meets the eye. Despite the ease of the methods, you should take extra precautions.

Easy Steps To Clean Your Ford Touch Screen

Almost all Ford vehicles have TFT LCD screens, similar to those used on laptop computers.

Besides utilizing advanced microtechnology to operate, it also comes with a coating that minimizes glare and keeps images sharp and vivid almost 100% of the time.

Things You Will Need:

Considering the delicate nature of the touch screen, cleaning it should be done with care. As part of that, it is important to use the appropriate materials for the job to prevent causing any damage. To clean a touch screen, prepare the following materials:

Touch Screen Cleaner For Cars

The only cleaning solution for a car’s touch screen is distilled water. Cleaning a car touch screen with distilled water would be enough to remove fingerprints and dirt. However, it is best to avoid tap water, as its minerals can leave residue behind.

Alcohol- and ammonia-free cleaner will help remove stubborn grease, soda splatters, and accumulated deposits from your car touch screen. You should not use household windows or kitchen cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia to clean your car’s touch screen.

Solvents, kerosine, gasoline, and acidic and alkaline solutions are other things you should avoid damaging the car touch screen. You can also make your DIY solution for cleaning car touch screens.

For example, distilled vinegar and water can be combined to create one. Because vinegar is acidic, it dissolves oils, sugars, and proteins on car touch screens, making them easier to wipe off.

Microfiber Cloths

When cleaning a touch screen in a car, microfiber cloths are the best because of their soft texture and non-abrasive properties. As a result, your car’s touch screen can be gently cleaned with it without leaving any scratches.

To clean the car touch screen, you will need one cleaner, and to wipe the screen, you will need another cleaner. If you plan to clean the car touch screen with paper towels or cotton rags, you’ll want to avoid them.

They’re highly abrasive and won’t work effectively. Alcohol-based wipes should also be avoided because they can damage touch screens, leave streaks, and aren’t very soft.

Step By Step Instructions On Cleaning The Touch Screen On Your Vehicle

Having cleared that up, here are the steps you need to take to clean your car’s touch screen:

Step 1

Don’t interfere with your car’s screen while it’s still firing pixels, so turn the screen off. The darkness of the surface will also make it easier for you to see dirt, dust, and grime.

Step 2

You will need a microfiber cloth. Soft, dry cloth like this can be used to clean your smartphone, eyeglasses, or tablet.

Because they’re non-abrasive, they’re perfect for LCD screens in cars. It is possible to effectively clean most screen dirt and dust with a high-quality microfiber cloth when it is dry.

Step 3

Using paper towels or old cotton rags is not a good idea because they can scratch your screen. Due to their abrasive nature, neither of these materials is ideal for cleaning screens.

In addition, you run the risk of scratching your monitor or leaving lint particles behind if you use one of these.

Step 4

Swipe the screen gently from top to bottom using a microfiber cloth. LCD screens can be damaged if you press too hard. If any smudgy oils remain, wipe them away with the microfiber cloth.

Step 5

Using a dry cloth to clean your device will probably not be sufficient if you have a lot of dirt or other tough buildups.

Step 6

The microfiber should be sprayed with a solution that is alcohol and ammonia free. The alcohol or ammonia in household windows or kitchen cleaners will damage the screen, so never use them.

Some Extra Tips To Help You Clean Your Ford Touch Screen

We use the touch screen a lot. Every time we drive or sit around, we use the car’s touch screen for a lot of things.

And because of that, it is very easy for this tiny touch screen to become dirty. When cleaning the Ford touch screen, most people do incorrect things. Make sure you know what to do and what not to do.

Use Only LCD Screen Cleaners

In addition to tablets, camera lenses, eyeglasses, TVs, and phones, the liquid, and microfiber in the cleaner kit can be used on various surfaces.

To clean your Ford’s LCD screen, grab the best cleaner available. You should use a tested and approved cleaner on touch screens because they are very sensitive.

Don’t Use Paper Towels

The sensitive glass on your touch screen will not be scratched by microfiber cloths, unlike paper towels. Instead of spreading oils and dust around, the microfiber attracts and removes them.

On the other hand, using paper towels or facial tissues to clean your touch screen can scratch the surface. Touch screens can only be cleaned safely with a microfiber cloth. In addition, most car screens will be damaged if you use an alcohol-based cleaner.

Keep Moisture Away From Touch Screens

Keep the cleaning solution away from the car’s multimedia and satellite navigation screens for as long as possible to avoid moisture. Doing so will prevent moisture from leaking onto the Ford satellite touch screen.

Also, ensure the touch screen isn’t kept wet or dirty for a long time. In some cases, Ford F150 display screen problems can be directly related to extended contact with liquid. As a result, this is an extremely important part of cleaning.

The Bottom Line

It is necessary to deep clean the Ford touch screen after daily use. There is no doubt that you will need an idea as well as a method. Smudges, fingerprints, and other residues will clog up the touch screen, so it won’t be a simple task.

Ensure your hands are dirt-free by wearing surgical gloves. Also, avoid applying force to the Ford truck’s touch screen. It is easy for Ford’s touch screen to accumulate dirt over time.

A Ford touch screen that is not properly cleaned will result in low performance. As a result, there will be low access to work touch commands and insensitivity to press or touch.

You can follow our processes easily, and they’re fast, tested, and effective. Hopefully, you learned a lot about how to clean my Ford touch screen from this guide.

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