How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep Battery?

There is a warranty on Jeep batteries because they have a shelf life. Regardless of how much care you put into them, they won’t function at some point. The battery contains lead—acid material where acid itself degenerates its connection and makes it lose.

So how much does Jeep battery replacement cost? The cost is not out of range, and you can do it from $45 —$250. However, this estimation varies with quality, size, labor cost, and other factors.

This article gives you an idea about the Jeep battery replacement cost and pricing variations with the Jeep model.

Jeep Battery Replacement Cost

Jeep battery replacement cost range can be $45 – $250. This cost depends on many factors such as the life of the battery, company, size, quality, and power.

Some other factors also need to be considered that can affect the price

  1. Battery quality
  2. Labor cost for a mechanic
  3. Installation effort according to model

All these can work as a cost-changing factor. If you see the chart below, you can see how the Jeep model affects the cost of labor and battery.

Parameter noJeep model nameLabor costEstimated Battery price
1.Jeep Cherokee$43 –$55$229
2.Jeep Wanglar$36–$46$219 – $229
3.Jeep Gladiator$95$160
4.Jeep Renegade$53–$67$231–$244
5.Jeep Patriot$44–$56$274

According to the chart, the Jeep Gladiator has the highest labor cost, but the Jeep Renegade battery costs the most. Let’s see what a battery is and how a Jeep battery work.

Sings Of A Bad Battery

The battery gives a sign before the complete shutdown. Here are some signs of a bad battery

●    Dying headlights

A failing battery can’t fully support the electronic components of a Jeep. Headlights are one of the components that cant function entirely. If it’s dim during driving, pay attention; it’s because of your useless battery.

●    The battery is old

It’s obvious if the battery is old and has run for a few years, guess that your battery is near the end. Thus, extreme temperature and repeated cycles of starting lower its efficiency over time.

●    Slow start

A slow start is the typical sign of a bad battery. You turn on the ignition, and it starts to make a clicking sound. It occurs due to insufficient electric supply to the starter from the battery, leading to making the clicking noise.

●    Swollen battery with a bad smell

Have you noticed the phone battery swollen after charging for a long time? The same thing happened with the Jeep battery; it became fat and bloated. It happens due to hydrogen gas building up faster than the battery can process. This is permanent damage and irreversible.

The rotten egg-like smell caused by sulfuric acid is another sign of a bad battery.

●    Check the engine light on

Flashing the check engine light or staying it on continuously is a sign of a significant problem in a Jeep. This check engine light is beneficial and mostly indicates costly repair.

●    The Jeep dying immediately after starting

Jeep dying immediately is not the usual situation with a bad battery, but it also happens. You start the Jeep without any problem and it starts, but immediately dies or stops working. The battery provides enough charges to start but fails to continue further.

How Often Should You Change The Battery?

Experts say that lead–acid batteries last 3 to 5 years, but it depends on the usage and driving nature. You should often test the battery; if it exceeds more than 13 volts, your battery is at risk. 12 or 13 volts batteries are most used.

Causes of Battery Deterioration

The battery does not have a long lifespan. In the course of time, its activity decreases, and other factors can contribute to its degradation. Let’s have a closer look at those elements.

  • Cold temperature is one of the leading causes of deteriorating Jeep batteries. At 0 degrees celsius, the battery loses its 60 percent activity.
  • The battery has a shelf life, and the condition may worsen with time. Otherway if you are not using it, the alternator can’t charge it.
  • Electricity is draining even when you are not driving, also known as a parasitic drain.
  • Failure to charge.
  • Corrosion of the battery terminal.
  • Humans made mistakes like keeping headlights on.

How Do I Replace The Battery In My Jeep?

Replacing the battery involves some easy steps. Following these, anyone can do this. Make sure to have a wrench, socket, cloth, hand gloves, and an anti-corrosion solution.

Step 1:

Park the Jeep and make sure the engine is cool. Open the jeep hood; you will find a battery on the passenger side. With the help of a wrench, loosen the bolt and remove the battery from the vehicle.

Step 2:

Clean the connection with an anti-corrosive solution. Place the new battery according to the positive and negative terminals. Make sure it is positioned on the clean battery tray properly.

Step 3:

Position them, aligning the positive terminal to the positive red cable and the negative terminal to the negative black cable.

Step 4:

Remove the cover of a new battery and spray the post with the anti-corrosive solution. Attach the positive terminal with positive cable and the negative terminal with negative cable.

Step 5:

Tight them with a wrench and confirm the battery and cable are secure.

Step 6:

Close the hood, and you are ready to test to justify if is it ok.

How Safe is it to Drive with Battery Problems?

Yes, it is safe, considering it won’t cause an explosion or something like that, but it may stall your engine completely.

Driving with a battery problem is unsafe for other components, such as the alternator or others. You may have to turn it on several times, and in cold temperatures, it may stall in the middle of the road.

How to Extend Your Jeep Battery’s Life?

Some people want to save money and some fixes can show you how to increase battery life. To make your battery long-lasting, you must take some measures to take care of it.

Of course, you can try a few things; let’s see some simple yet effective ways.

  1. Don’t take your vehicle when traveling a short distance.
  2. The battery is corrosive; if you find any sign of corrosion, remove it immediately.
  3. Turn the lights off and check them after every trip.
  4. Don’t keep it idle in your garage for long.
  5. Keep it away from extreme heat and cold temperatures.
  6. Check battery position and voltage.


If you own a Jeep, you will have to replace it at some point. With some easy steps, you can do it own and can save labor costs. The total process takes not more than an hour though it depends on the expertise of the mechanics.

On the other hand, battery lifespan depends on how you used it. Usually, a 2 to 4 years warranty is given but check it to avoid surprises.

The replacement cost is decent and $45 to $250, and that’s fine. Nevertheless, the cost fluctuates depending on the quality of the battery, the Jeep model, and the location of installation.

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