Ford Explorer Airbag Clockspring Replacement Costs [2024 Data]

Replacement of Ford Explorer airbag clockspring costs about $550 to $600 on average.

It is estimated that labor will cost between $80 and $100, while parts will cost between $500 and $550.

Air Bag Clockspring Replacement prices may vary based on your location and vehicle.

How Are Air Bag Clocksprings Diagnosed?

In order to check for signs of faulty airbag clock springs, a technician will use a scan tool. A multimeter can also be used to test the clock spring itself.

For identifying and testing each circuit running through the clock spring, a repair manual and wiring diagram are used.

How Are Air Bag Clock Spring Replaced?

An airbag clock spring is replaced by first disarming the Supplemental Restraint System by disconnecting the battery.

Steering wheel and airbag of the driver are removed. During airbag clock spring installation, the steering column trim components must be removed to access the wiring harness.

The lower dash assembly may also need to be removed so that the harness plugs can be accessed.

In order to replace the clock spring, the trim must be removed and the clock spring harness disconnected.

The Supplemental Restraint System must be reset with special software after the clock spring, steering wheel, trim, and airbag have been installed and connected.

How Urgent Is An Airbag Clockspring Replacement?

Even a malfunctioning clockspring won’t affect your car’s performance. While this might be the case, you will lose some crucial electrical components and, more importantly, your steering wheel airbag. Make sure you get it fixed right away.

Symptoms Of A Failing Airbag Clockspring

Some common symptoms include: airbag warning light stays on, airbag malfunction indicator light stays on, and airbag does not deploy when it should.

Airbag Warning Light Comes On

It is extremely important to pay attention to warning lights, since they serve to…well, warn you. That’s something you should pay attention to. Airbag warning lights are common on modern cars.

Depending on what you see, the word “airbag” might be illuminated, or maybe just “SRS.” Pay attention in either case. It’s your safety system we’re talking about. You shouldn’t take it lightly. Is that clear?

Electrical Components Aren’t Working

Electricity is delivered to the steering wheel-mounted components of your car by the wiring in the airbag clockspring.

You probably have an airbag clockspring issue if your horn doesn’t work, or the stereo controls on the steering wheel don’t work, or whatever other gadgets your car has on the steering wheel don’t work.

You might not think that your clockspring is a critical part of your car until you start experiencing these failures.

Airbag Has Been Deployed

Driver’s side airbags often deploy in accidents. In order for the airbag to deploy, the clockspring will provide the necessary electricity. It could save your life!

But after the excitement of being saved from certain death, reality sets in, and you recall that your car is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. This includes the clockspring in your airbag.

Recommendations for Air Bag Clock Spring issues

The Supplemental Restraint System is usually disarmed if the airbag clock spring is damaged or defective, so airbags won’t inflate during a vehicle collision.

Additional damage may occur to the vehicle’s electrical system or computer modules as a result of a short circuit in the clock spring.

It is recommended to get the vehicle evaluated and repaired by an experienced technician as soon as possible if the airbag (SRS) warning light illuminates on the dashboard or if any other symptoms of airbag clock spring failure appear (for example, faulty radio controls on the steering wheel).

Can I Replace The Air Bag Clock Spring Myself?

Leaving repairs to the Supplemental Restraint System to a professional is recommended. It is essential to diagnose the system accurately.

For the Supplemental Restraint System to function properly, other components may also need to be replaced depending on the cause of the airbag clock spring failure.

A professional technician can conduct a thorough test of the system for any other failed components and replace them as needed.

Once the components have been replaced, a technician can also reset the system using special software. The repair may be performed by someone with advanced DIY skills, but the SRS must still be reset by a professional.

What To Look Out For When Dealing With Air Bag Clock Spring Issues

When careless service is performed on the steering and front suspension systems, the airbag clock spring can be damaged.

When steering and suspension components are disconnected, it must be taken care not to allow the steering wheel to spin free.

When repairing the Supplemental Restraint System, or the airbag clock spring, the battery should always be disconnected. Handling an airbag module requires care. Upon completion of repairs, the SRS will also need to be reset.

Final Words

It’s crucial to address any issues with the airbag clock spring promptly, as a malfunctioning airbag system can compromise your safety in the event of a collision.

Be sure to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific recommendations and reach out to a certified mechanic or Ford dealership for an accurate estimate of the replacement cost tailored to your vehicle’s needs. Investing in the safety of your Ford Explorer is essential for peace of mind on the road.

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